Client Testimonials

We are confident that choosing Gray Matter Media is the best marketing decision you will ever make... but don't just take our word for it—listen to what some of our current clients have to say!

Sander's Markets

With 9 stores in 3 states, Gray Matter Media has done everything for us—from the Digital & Social Media world, to Web, Graphics Arts, Print, TV & Radio- they do it ALL, and do it WELL! They’re success driven, which is why we’ve used them for over 20 years.

- Jake Sander

Auto Express & Off-Road Express

Auto Express and Off-Road Express have been utilizing Gray Matter Media for the past 20 years. Gray Matter Media has been a big part of our marketing creativity as well as our marketing strategy. Because of this, our businesses continue to grow.

- Joe Askins

Enormis Mobile Specialties

As a business owner, my time and money are important to me. Partnering with Gray Matter Media is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I have more time, and I am even saving advertising money! I get so much more ROI using Gray Matter Media. They know the advertising and promotional business. Gray Matter takes the time to know me and know my business, and they really care. It's a no-brainer for me!

- Louis Norman

Lafaro Agency

Working with Gray Matter Media has been the best marketing decision we have ever made. Eileen and the crew are true experts in their field, and we never stop getting compliments regarding the commercials they make for us.

- Robert Lafaro

Dahlkemper's Jewelry Connection

In today's competitive retail marketplace, the goal of branding and maintaining top of mind awareness is an ongoing challenge. Gray Matter Media has become a strategic partner in helping us meet this challenge. Eileen and Adam work strategically with our owners to develop the highest quality television commercials which positions us with the national chains. Then they integrate the personification of local ownership which puts us at the front of the pack. Gray Matter Media's attention to details in every aspect from creative to television and radio production, to placing the media buy is excellent. It sets them apart from any marketing resource that we've used over the past 50 years. The value of television commercial buys, along with the added bonus spots, is the best we've seen anywhere. Gray Matter Media has been a wonderful partner over the past 15 years in helping us achieve the position of Erie's Leading Jeweler.

- Ed Dahlkemper

Lakeshore Community Services

When you work with a business for years you get to know how they operate. I have been working with Gray Matter Media for a long time, but as an observer watching them help clients grow their business and create unforgettable brands. But now, I am the one in need of growth and branding, and Gray Matter DID NOT disappoint! Being in the broadcast industry since 1986, I’ve seen a lot. So many of the self-proclaimed “greats” have come and gone. Gray Matter is different. They don’t blow their own horn, the don’t do “flash in the pan” they just work. Quiet, deliberate ideas and strategies formed behind the scenes and then put into action. My challenge at Lakeshore Community Services was real, but they did what they did was simply amazing. Quite deliberate strategies done with lots of research and planning. Now we have one of the best image campaigns I’ve ever seen. Emails, texts, and calls from colleagues, employees, and friends support the great quality of the final product. There’s a reason Gray Matter represents some of Erie’s best companies, and I am happy to add Lakeshore Community Services to their family of clients. Get them working for you and you’ll see what I mean.

- Joe Lang

Institute on HealthCare Directives

Gray Matter Media Inc. is very thoughtful and very effective at creating marketing media directed to target populations. The staff is very capable, and they genuinely care about the media materials that they create for you.

- Dr. Ferdinando Mirarchi