Meet the Team

  • Eileen Knight Gray Eileen Knight Gray President/Marketing & Sales

    With over 25 years in Marketing, including both Television and Radio prior to opening Gray Matter Media, Eileen brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to each client’s success. She knows how to extend an advertising dollar by creating equity in every dollar spent. This is accomplished in multiple ways, with a key focus on the Creative’s ability to linger in the minds of the consumer.

  • Mary Alice DiTullio Mary Alice DiTullio Vice President/Business Manager

    Every company needs a Mary Alice. Whether working with clients, staff, media outlets or reps, everyone knows that Mary Alice has the answers. She has a sincere heart that pleases anyone she encounters, (all the way to the Post Office personnel). Mary Alice’s ability for the most complex jobs keeps everything on track.

  • Adam Ladaika Adam Ladaika General Manager

    Adam manages a busy, multi-media staff while also bringing knowledge and experience from his News and Television industry background. Adam is able to multi-task with an incredible display of attention to detail. His kind personality makes him easy to work with. His ability for client attention while delivering the most successful production, digital and multi-media campaigns is second to none.

  • Erica Bonnett Erica Bonnett Account Executive

    As an account executive, Erica assists anyone, anytime with Charts, Reports, Traffic, Confirmation Reconciliation, Rep Needs, etc.; whatever the need, Erica is there to assist. Erica’s attention to detail and extreme patience and gentleness allow her to assist everyone with deadlines.

  • Caitlin Rydberg Caitlin Rydberg Digital Marketing Manager

    Caitlin runs a very successful Digital and Social Media Marketing department. She brings to the forefront a background from running a national campaign. Keeping track of the latest trends, Caitlin is up-to-date and forward thinking. Her aim-to-please (and sweet) demeanor makes it easy to partner with her on successful campaigns.

  • Natalie Knapton Natalie Knapton Digital Marketing Specialist

    Natalie’s abilities continue to seem endless. From her Social Media Graphics to her Reports and Statistics, Natalie’s successes are endless. Always joyful, everyone enjoys her ability to verbalize even the most complex reports while always looking for ways to improve successful campaigns.

  • Curtis Empson Curtis Empson Graphic Artist/Editor

    Curtis is a true Graphic ARTIST. His delivery under the most immediate deadlines never disappoints. His over 23 years of experience brings each project to perfection. Few Graphic Artists anywhere would be able to compete with the Knowledge and Detail, Creativity and Expertise Curtis brings into the world of Print and Graphic Arts.